SaiKris Consultancy Sdn Bhd

Holistic guidance on strategic financial and legal business decisions

Brief Profile

SaiKris Consultancy Sdn Bhd ( SKC ) was established to cater for the Small & Medium sized companies’ banking and legal advisory needs.

The alarming failure rate of 3 years amongst SME’s is mainly due to the inexperience of the key individuals in the company. Inexperience in the running of a business and not in the business itself. While all of them are driven and motivated to even start the business, their inexperience in proper accounting, cashflow, banking needs, contractual and legal issues make the running of the business daunting.

This is where Nash and his team come in. Nash, with his legal, banking and business background is supported by a team who themselves are extremely experienced in financial and business issues.

SKC has been involved in consultancy work across various industries like shipping, logging, mining, power, palm oil and also normal bread & butter business like F&B, general trading and manufacturing.

SKC has been engaged to advise on contractual negotiations & its impact on businesses and also have successfully advised many companies on their banking structure and financial needs.

SKC also advises on pre litigation business matters.

SKC has thrived based only by way of mouth over the last 15 years and will continue to thrive with your support.

Nash is also engaged regularly to do Risk Assessment and Risk Mitigation advisory work.

Some of our Past Clients

1. AP Subsea Solutions Sdn Bhd

2. APC Marketing Sdn Bhd

3 .Belton Group of Companies

4. Cerna Media Sdn Bhd

5. CMS Waste Management

6. Country Cafe Sdn Bhd (Ipoh Chicken Rice)

7. Extrovest Communication Sdn Bhd

8. Exultsoft Travel & Tour Sdn Bhd

9. Four Winds Movers Sdn Bhd

10. GE Solutions Sdn Bhd

11. Hexamatics Servcomm Sdn Bhd

12. Intisari Oilfield Sdn Bhd

13. Jasib Shipyard & Engineering Sdn Bhd

14. Intec Technology Sdn Bhd

15. Kampai Marketing Sdn Bhd

16. Mission Biotechnologies Sdn Bhd

17. Premier Crystal Sdn Bhd

18. Qantrex Sdn Bhd

19. Soon Lee Huat Oil Palm Mill Sdn Bhd

20. Nature Palm Oil Sdn Bhd

21. Galian Bricks Sdn Bhd

22. TAG Marine Sdn Bhd

23. Zeus Corporation Sdn Bhd

24. Yamakoh (M) Sdn Bhd

25. TZ Glory Sdn Bhd

26. MV Movers Sdn Bhd

27. Blue Valley Tea Plantation 

28. Masterskill School of Nursing

29. ATJ Food Products Sdn Bhd

30. Cathay Time Watch & Jewelry Sdn Bhd

31. Aked Selasih Corporation Sdn Bhd

32. AP Subsea Solutions Sdn Bhd

33. Ark Chemist Sdn Bhd

34. Denai Sutra Sdn Bhd

35. DNS Security Sdn Bhd

36. Eisen Wrought Sdn Bhd

37. Eyemed Creative Sdn Bhd

38. Fresz Buzz Sdn bhd

39. IRSB Corporation Sdn Bhd

40. Asian Global Aviation Sdn Bhd

41. Concept Engineering Sdn Bhd

42. Corro Shield (M) Sdn Bhd

43. Daya Primamas Sdn Bhd

44. Dominasi Cendana Sdn Bhd

45. Horizon Healthcare Systems Sdn Bhd

46. Koridor Media Sdn Bhd

47. Madras Jeweller Sdn Bhd

48. Mentakab  Venner & plywood Sdn bhd

49. PT Jaringan Sinergi

50. Fossco Petroleum Sdn bhd