SaiKris TechDairies Advisers

SaiKris has established a team of Advisors to ensure the dairy project takes off and runs smoothly. The members of the advisory board will be involved in advising and monitoring the SaiKris Team very closely in their respective expertise fields.

Dato’ Dr. Ahmad Suhaimi Bin Omar

Dato’ Dr Ahmad, 64 is a doctor by qualification and holds a masters in agriculture, Kyoto. He was appointed as Deputy Director of Veterinary Institute from 1978 – 1979 where he was in charge of managing 2500 acres of pasture with 2000 head of dairy cattle and 500 goats whilst training farmers to be well versed with the industry. From 1980 onwards, he has held several positions as Director of Veterinary Department in various states. In 2007 he was appointed as Deputy Director General of Veterinary Services. He has since retired

Dato has agreed to be part of SaiKris as an advisor as he shares our vision in growing the dairy farming industry in Malaysia. Having been in the industry for over 35 years, his experience, input and far sightedness would be integral and of great help in the strategic positioning of the dairy farming activities of SaiKris.

Dr John Moran
– Dairy Consultant

Dr John Moran was an Australian senior research and advisory scientist from Victoria’s Department of Primary Industries (DPIV), located in northern Victoria, for thirty (30) years. Over the last 10 years he divided his invaluable time between advising farmers in southern Australia and working with dairy farmers and advisers in South East Asia. His specialist fields include dairy production, ruminant nutrition, calf and heifer rearing, forage conservation and whole farm business management. Upon his retirement from DPIV in June 2011, John formed a consulting business, Profitable Dairy Systems, located in Kyabram.

Dr John Moran graduated in 1967 with a Rural Science honours degree from New England University at Armidale in NSW, followed by a Masters degree in 1969. In 1976, he obtained a Doctorate of Philosophy in beef production from University of London, Wye College in England. During the 1980s, John lived in Indonesia for 3 years, working in beef cattle and buffalo research. Since 1999, he initiated and conducted training programs on smallholder dairy production to farmers, advisers and policy makers in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar and East Timor. In 2013 he was appointed as Coordinator of the Asia Dairy Network, an international agency position to facilitate communication and collaboration of dairy industries from 15 countries throughout South East Asia.

To-date he has written many books with regards to dairy farming, among which are Tropical Dairy Farming, Business Management for Tropical Dairy Farmers, Rearing Young Stock in Tropical Dairy Farms in Asia, Cow Talk and others.

Michael A Creek (Mike)
– Cow & Ventilation Specialist

Michael A Creek graduated from Virgia Polytechnic Institute and State University for Bachelor of Science Degrees, majoring in Dairy Science and Agriculture Engineering. He has over 20 years of working experience as animal expertise with experience in managing herd production and genetic level as well  in cow comfort where his expertise includes designing cow cooling system in hot humid conditions.

He has held various roles in his 35 years in the dairy industry.  From sales of barns milking equipments, to managing cow genetics and embryos to  cow comfort management especially in humid countries.

He is currently working with GEA as their  International Market Support Manager. He provides support to the company regarding barn equipment, manure equipment and cow comfort. He helps to develop marketing plans to each market area including support and training on installation and also maintenance of the equipment.  Mike is specialized in Heat Stress/Cooling cow. He had developed working systems in Turkey, Brazil, Australia, Vietnam, Taiwan, China, Argentina, Mexico and South Africa.

SKR has decided to get Mike on board  considering SKR will be purchasing  major equipment including the milking robots from the GEA, thus, having Mike around to supervise would be an added advantage due to his immense knowledge.

He will be the Cow & Ventilation Specialist for our farm to ensure our business sustainability in this challenging industry.

Steve Sutherland

– Animal Nutritionist

Steve Sutherland holds a PhD in Animal Science from University of Western Australia. Currently he is a Consultant in Southern Livestock Pty Ltd. Southern Livestock Nutrition provides ruminant nutrition and feed resource consultancy to clients in Australia and South East Asia. During the last 12 months, his main activity has been in Sabah (East Malaysia), advising on producing feeds based on oil palm fronds, and feedlotting locally bred Brahman cattle. His scope of activity also covers feedmill design, and feedlot design.

Prior to that, he successfully completed a 3 year project in Brunei, sub-contracted to AGWEST (Dept. of Agriculture, Western Australia), surveying feed resources and supporting laboratory development. In addition, he undertook short term assignments within the region, mainly covering beef feedlot and breeding projects in South East Asia. Besides Malaysia and Brunei, he has undertaken assignments in Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, and Cambodia, for dairy, beef and goat projects within the last five years.

Steve Sutherland had also taught at nutrition workshops for visiting African agriculturalists in Western Australia. His main clients have been MLA (Meat and Livestock Australia), AGWEST (for state government of Western Australia), SawitKinabalu (Sabah) and various Australian livestock exporters. His unparalleled experience and expertise is an asset to discerning industry clients, supported by his excellent communication skills, and his mastery of the Indonesian/Malay languages.

Grant Wisnewski

Grant Wisnewski was brought up on a Dairy farm in New Zealand. He went on to study Agricultural Engineering at NZ’s Massey University. Brought up in the heart of one of New Zealand’s traditional Dairying areas, Grant has been involved in Global Dairy Farming from an early age. After his studies, Grant relocated to the UK for 9 years where he was heavily involved in bringing NZ technology to UK dairying market.

Working with farmers from Russia through to Latin America, he understands both the economics and practicalities of large scale dairy operations. Grant currently manages a large global sales team for a Leading milking machinery supplier. His core activities include negotiating large scale contracts, government relations, achieving sales and growth targets, designing and implementing global business strategies and mentoring of the company’s global team. Grant brings a very broad range of experience and knowledge to the SaiKris team.