SaiKris Group History

Working Towards A Mutually Beneficial Relationship

The first SaiKris company was started by the Managing Director, Vikneshvaran Subramaniam better known as Nash Viknesh, in 2002. Since then SaiKris has grown tremendously diversifying itself into various businesses.

Nash has managed to not only survive but thrive in business mainly because of a core team of people who have been together to manage the businesses.

SaiKris employs over 30 people and much more based on projects it undertakes.

SaiKris started off as a consultancy company specialising in financial, banking and non litigatious legal advisory work in line with Nash’s legal & banking background. Subsequently, various business opportunities opened up which caught the eye of the entrepreneurial Nash.

Over the last 15 years, Nash has started businesses and sold them off after a few years when its profitable and also has taken over ailing businesses, turned it around and then selling it. It must be said that initially not all ventures made a profit!!

Since 2016, Nash has started the biggest entrepreneurial risk by venturing into the dairy business. From April 2016 till to date, SaiKris has been actively learning and planning its entry into the Dairy Industry in Malaysia.

The company decided to start on a new venture to ensure its long-term legacy and chose the Dairy Industry as the Self Sufficiency Rate (SSR) in Malaysia has been below 5% since the 70s while import value has been growing exponentially showing there is a huge demand.  Thailand and Vietnam with similar SSR in the 70s have reached SSR of 50% now.

The company had embarked on a two-year study of the Dairy Industry by speaking to Industry experts in the public and private sector, visiting farms in Malaysia, Netherlands, Germany, Australia & New Zealand, visiting numerous trade shows in the said countries as well as in South East Asia and engaging experts to consult for the planning of the business. 

Much time and money has been invested on this project as SaiKris team firmly believes it will be able to change and disrupt the landscape of dairy farming not only in Malaysia but in Asia. SaiKris TechDairies Sdn Bhd has been set up as the Special Purpose Vehicle to embark this project. Thinkat Advisory Sdn Bhd has been appointed as the Corporate Advisor while Dato Tan of David Lai & Tan as been appointed as the Legal Advisors.

SaiKris will partner Germany’s GEA who are world renowned agriculture automation giants to break the glass ceiling of Malaysian dairy industry.

The Info Memo of the project was registered with the Securities Commission but the fund raising exercise came to a halt due the Covid restrictions and SC’s lack of vision. Presently, talks are on-going with several parties and also with development banks on a financial structure.

Ambitious plans of opening 5 restaurants called The Red Hog were also well underway with the Bangsar outlet already open with 2 other locations being planned. This venture is under SaiKris Leisure. The Covid situation has brought this plans to a stop as well.

SaiKris Consultancy is also doing well. Companies are still in need of risk assessment and mitigation management advisory, so this business is thriving. 

 SaiKris Resources has recently embarked on a study to start Feed-Corn farms on a commercial scale, having secured 300 acres of land.

We hope the Investors keep trusting us since the banks don’t want to do anything with start-ups.