Farm Management Team

High performance team operating in regulated and critical environments

– Proposed Farm Manager

T D V’s graduated from the Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and forestry, majoring in veterinary medicine in April 2003. He has an accumulated wealth of over 14 years of unparalleled expertise and experience at the highest level in this specialized area of animal husbandry and veterinary management, through his working relationship with various dairy companies in Vietnam.

An experienced leader and people manager, he had an illustrious seven (7) year career with Vinamilk, the largest dairy company and the 15th largest corporation in Vietnam. His last held position was that of animal husbandry and veterinary manager of their organic dairy farm with a herd strength of 500 dairy cows. He was actively involved in managing all the daily activities of the farm, following planned procedures, and developing and monitoring SOPs, KPIs for animal husbandry, veterinary, milking procedures, milk quality control, mechanics, forage production; and conducting intensive training for farm staff. Using herd management software, he effectively manage all the dairy cattle data to evaluate productivity, performances and benefits of the herd and workers of the farm at large. All documentations related to animal husbandry and veterinary were well managed at the farm following ISO 9001-2008 and Global GAP standards.

His strong commitment to achieve these goals with hard work, discipline and creative endeavour, inevitably generated and prompted further market growth, profitability and gave Vinamilk an unassailable lead in this increasingly competitive industry. T D V’s  wide array of expertise, experience and far sightedness will be integral in the strategic positioning of the dairy farming activities of SaiKris Dairies.

T D V’s wide array of expertise  in herd health, early cow sickness detection, treatment skills, hoof-trimming, A.I and reproduction methods and breeding programs has won him an offer to be part of team. T D V’s  will be engaged on a three (3) year contract and will oversee a myriad of functions at our farm, from operations to management; identify issues and opportunities; develop strategies; provide invaluable inputs for decision-making, longer term strategic planning and business sustainability in this challenging industry.

He will be the catalyst for our farm’s business initiatives and is expected to achieve the desired operational efficiencies, continuous embedded improvements; and a renewed professionalism and focus on customer-centric milk product quality requirement.

Silaiman Mirzaman
– Proposed Assistant Farm Manager

Silaiman bin Mirzaman holds a Bachelor of Business Administrative from UKM and was holding a position of Farm Manager in Makmur Dairy Sdn Bhd for 6 years.

He has gained experience in livestock production since 1986 and also has experience in managing dairy cattle farm of 4500 acres.

He is exposed to various disciplines in agriculture including nutrition, breeding, fertility, animal health, production, pasture management and animal husbandry through experience and by training.

He is very proficient in animal husbandry practices, cost effective production practices, resource evaluation and management, system’s approach in management of agricultural production, and strategic planning. His specialty is streamlining and cost reduction of agriculture production.

– Proposed Veterinarian

L D D is a graduate from Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Hanoi Agricultural University. Upon graduating he joined Nestle Vietnam Company for over 3 years as an Agronomist where he was mainly in-charge of training farmers in important areas in dairy farming such as  milking techniques, milk hygiene, breeding facilities, nutrients for calves and cows etc. He was also serving a veterinarian and agronomist with ASSODIA, which is a cooperation program between Son La province in Vietnam and Midi- Pyrenees, France at Moc Chau. The main activities of Assodia was milk  and fruit production. Since 2014, he is the head of husbandry and nutrition department for Vinamilk.  Vinamilk currently owns 9 dairy farms in Vietnam with over 18000 head. He is in charge of food forage planning ie, ensuring availability of grass and concentrates at the best available price, makes all rations for all the 9 farms, training  and supervising  activities at the farms such as cow health including calf and cow protocols, nutrients, feeding ration and control.

He is also involved in developing new farms for Vinamilk with use of robotics for 2000 heads in 2017 as well as organics farms.

With his vast experience over 12 years in dairy farming specialising in nutrition and cow health, he would be an asset to us.

Steve Sutherland
– Proposed Animal Nutritionist

Steve Sutherland holds a PhD in Animal Science from University of Western Australia. Currently he is a Consultant in Southern Livestock Pty Ltd. Southern Livestock Nutrition provides ruminant nutrition and feed resource consultancy to clients in Australia and South East Asia. During the last 12 months, his main activity has been in Sabah (East Malaysia), advising on producing feeds based on oil palm fronds, and feedlotting locally bred Brahman cattle. His scope of activity also covers feedmill design, and feedlot design.

Prior to that, he successfully completed a 3 year project in Brunei, sub-contracted to AGWEST (Dept. of Agriculture, Western Australia), surveying feed resources and supporting laboratory development. In addition, he undertook short term assignments within the region, mainly covering beef feedlot and breeding projects in South East Asia. Besides Malaysia and Brunei, he has undertaken assignments in Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, and Cambodia, for dairy, beef and goat projects within the last five years.

Steve Sutherland had also taught at nutrition workshops for visiting African agriculturalists in Western Australia. His main clients have been MLA (Meat and Livestock Australia), AGWEST (for state government of Western Australia), SawitKinabalu (Sabah) and various Australian livestock exporters. His unparalleled experience and expertise is an asset to discerning industry clients, supported by his excellent communication skills, and his mastery of the Indonesian/Malay languages.

Jan Willem Brouwer
– Proposed Animal Nutritionist

Jan Willem Brouwer holds Certificate of Chemistry & Physics from Rotterdam, HAVO, Pernis. Currently he is a Managing Director of Skyglow Enterprises Sdn Bhd which operates a feed mill in Subang Jaya where he produces a range of specialist ruminant nutrition products. His company also specializes in Tropical Dairy Farming Consultancy and Farm Business Management, animal husbandry, reproduction and nutrition advice.  

Jan has been actively involved in the dairy industry in Malaysia and has a very good understanding of the industry and is familiar with industry players in Malaysia. Jan is in-charge of formulating all the feed products for his company.

Prior to setting up Skyglow, he has had extensive experience in cattle, sheep and goat handling since 1970s, as well as fruit and vegetable cultivation in Australia.


Due to the matured and well-structured dairy industry in Vietnam and Thailand with similar weather conditions as Malaysia, SKR will also engage veterinarians from Vietnam, with extensive experience in disease control, fertility, breeding and general health management. Two (2) dairy cow nutritionist with profound experience in animal nutrition, sexing, breeding and behaviour from Vietnam, will be sourced to be a key member of the farm management team. Calf handlers will be recruited from the well-structured dairy industry in Thailand. This will ensure our milking and production efficiency and health of cows are maintained at a high standard in our dairy farm always.