Head Office Management Team

High performance team operating in regulated and critical environments

Managing Director / Group Chief Executive Officer

Nash is an alumni of Victoria Institution, Kuala Lumpur and has a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree from the University of London.

Nash joined Maybank under the Graduate Trainee Programme immediately upon graduation and was attached to the Commercial Banking Division. He then joined a Public Listed Company as the Group Legal & Corporate Services Head. 

Nash started SaiKris Consultancy as a result of past banking and legal clients who kept coming back for more assistance. There was also a growing referral list. The big companies were being advised and assisted by the Merchant Bankers but the small enterprises and medium sized companies were left on their own. The failure rate of small businesses were extremely high mainly because of lack of experience on the business owners. This is where Nash’s expertise came in and SaiKris Consultancy thrived as did their clients. Legal issues were also settled before they became embroiled in court through negotiations led by Nash together with the clients.

Nash has advised clients not only in Malaysia but also in Thailand, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, India & Vietnam. This is across various industries.

Several years of doing this, Nash learnt many businesses and many opportunities arose. This led to the opening of other SaiKris companies.

Nash is a Serial Entrepreneur, visionary, master strategist with high level of ethics. Now he has decided to fully concentrate on the Dairy Project so Malaysians get to enjoy quality fresh milk they deserve and to leave a legacy behind.

Ivan M. Breyne 
Chief Operations Officer Designate

The CEO position in SaiKris will be held by Ivan M. Breyne. He graduated with MBA at ESA3 in Paris, specialising in Marketing & Sales and Financial Management Skills. Ivan has a strong production and operational background with over 30 years of experience, of which 18 years in China and 12 years in South East Asia and also 3 years in Middle East.

His profound knowledge in technical background has successfully transferred and secured high tech processes from Europe and Brazil to China which involves from start-up process to mass production environment. As a President and CEO in GEA China since 2012, he has successfully achieved some major achievement for the company. Despite starting this challenge with managing the subsidiary in a severe financial crisis with negative bottom line, he however within 3 months, succeeded in increasing the sales for GEA from USD 22million to USD 88 million through establishing trust amongst the customers, the local staff and the board. The sales for the company was continuously growing until it successfully became one of the market leaders in the industry.

Ivan had also the experience of managing a production unit of 200 employees in a 24/7 regime during his work tenor in China. His successful business development for GEA within the Asian Pacific market includes key account management of Nestle CN and Asia Pacific, as well as successfully developing strategic partnerships in India and Pakistan for Licensed Assembly and also developing strategic distribution alliances for South Korea, Japan, Philippines and Thailand.

As a self-driven and self-reliant person, he sets aims and targets, and leads by example in a rather collaborative approach with excellent interpersonal skills, motivates and encourages others through change.

He is also well versed in written and spoken Dutch, French, English, German, Italian and Mandarin.

Senior General Manager

Ms Uma graduated with a Bachelor of Economics in Business Administration from University Malaya. She then had a short stint as a lecturer in Behavioral Science, Economics & Management. She subsequently had a successful 13 year banking career in Hong Leong Bank, Malaysia as a Credit Analyst.

Ms Uma has been with SaiKris for 10 years and is currently in charge of the entire SaiKris Group of companies. She oversees all General Managers of every department in the SaiKris Group.

Ms Uma is a key member of SaiKris and her main assets are her assessment of the effects of changing business circumstances; developing coping strategies that influence the positive contributions of various departments; and the ability to quickly and independently process ideas and implement changes.

Ms Uma strives hard to increase the efficiency of SaiKris  operations; expand their existing businesses; ensure high levels of customer service and assurance; employing experienced key personnel; ensure constant improvement of standards and performance, and keeps abreast with the changes in the industry. These proactive measures will inevitably ensure the smooth running of the company’s business moving forward.

Prasad Chacko 
GM – Finance

As part of the senior management team, Prasad Chacko’s duties includes preparation of financial accounts, ensuring full compliance with SST and other applicable legislation; implementing financial controls and processes to ensure that all reporting is concise and reliable; provide assistance with payroll and associated matters; implementing internal management reporting procedures; and management of day to day cash flow requirements of the business. He is also responsible for the management of the accounts team, ensuring their development and maintaining high levels of performance.

An ex- Banker by profession, he has accumulated enormous experience and expertise in the area of banking, auditing, corporate finance and accounting related matters. He also brings forth commercial elements to his role. He is very business minded, with the ability to make difficult decisions for the good of the company as a whole. He holds a Bachelor of Economics (Hons) degree from the University of Toronto, Canada, and an MBA (Strategic Management) from the University of Strathclyde. He is a member of MIIA; and is also an associate member with the Malaysia Institute of Taxation.

Besides finance related matters, Prasad Chacko’s duties will also encompass the business development functions of the company. An often un-planned component of a new supply chain is the capabilities of the current and potential markets to accommodate greater supply. These market potentials will be evaluated by him to determine the scale of the dairy projects (both initially and into the future) and the potential for SaiKris Resources to supply existing markets and market expansion.

His experience in Westports Malaysia Berhad and Omniwise International Sdn Bhd upon leaving the banking industry has further widen his knowledge not only in finance-related matters but also business development function and evaluation as well as coordination of the entire operations in a business entity.

Raja Kamarul Arifin 
GM – Corporate Services

Raja Kamarul, a Victoria Institution alumni, holds a Masters in Science degree (Management Information Systems) from Northern Illinois University. He has over 20 years of working experience in corporate and project management with various companies, whose core business competencies lies in healthcare management, construction, real-estate advisory and consulting, information technology, plantation and investment holding.

His genuine efforts inevitably has won him recognition and a good reputation with lots of support from his peers in these industries. He is deeply admired among his peers for his dedication and single minded/relentless pursuit of CAT (competency, accountability and transparency).

Raja Kamarul’s extensive experience, dynamism and far sightedness, is integral to SaiKris Resources success as a profitable business, capable of withstanding business fluctuations and stiff competition among the industry’s main players.

Raja Kamarul is an asset to SaiKris having held various top positions during his career from late 90’s till todate. Some of the positions held by him over the years are Project Manager, System Integration and Solutions Department at Mesiniaga Berhad, VP at Aih Group Malaysia Sdn Bhd which is a subsidiary of MCM Technology Berhad as well as Chief Operating Officer at X-Go Technik Sdn Bhd/Omniligic Sdn Bhd and AEP (M) Sdn Bhd which is a subsidiary of Anglo Eastern Plantation PLC, UK and CEO Teraju Vista Sdn Bhd.

As a General Manager of Corporate Services, Raja Kamarul is entrusted to liaise with all Government departments and agencies.

Mr.Randhir Singh

GM – Logistics & Security 

Ms.Yasotha Mahendranathan

GM – Legal & Compliance; HR & Admin

Harith Daniel bin Abdullah 
GM – Supply Chain Management

Harith Daniel holds a Diploma in Engineering (Electrical/Electronic) from Polytechnic Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah in Malaysia. He has 18 years experience working in various capacities in Romania, Thailand and around Malaysia.

Harith will be leading a team of technicians to learn about the maintenance of the Robotic Milking Systems. He will ensure that the Robotic Milking Systems and all other electronical systems at the proposed dairy farm run smoothly.

Nor Azmi Shaparuddin 
GM Designate –

Information Technology

Nor Azmi graduated with B.Sc. Applied Mathematics & Computer Science from San Francisco State University. He has over 29 years of working experience in IT field and has in-depth understanding of ICT Management, Planning, Collaboration, Support and Project Management.

Nor Azmi’s technology skills include good understanding of Software Application Development, and is well verse with Open Source Technology and Implementation. He is also skillful in writing software application especially scripted based.

His previous illustrative projects and activities include BITs ITIL based Service Management System (OTRS), UM’s Integrated Dental System, UKM’s Integrated Dental System, Malaysia Telehealth Project, Teleform/Cardiff & Eternity Manage Care System, AMBank Internet Banking, MBf Banking System, Telekom Fixed Phone Billing System, Celcom Kenan/Arbor Billing System, Samsung Electron Devices General Ledger System and many other projects.

Aida Talibudin 
Manager – Admin / HR

Aida holds a Degree in Business Administration majoring in Finance from University Technology Mara, Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

Her job includes administration and execution of HR functions including Recruitment & Selection, Compensation & Benefits, Payroll Administration, Performance Review, Training & Development, Employee Relations and Orientation Program, liaising with relevant authorities to ensure company’s compliance with local Labour Laws and related statutory requirements as well as attend to all employees’ queries pertaining to HR policies & procedures.

The above responsibility is in addition to the usual HR/Admin task such as preparation of monthly and annual company manpower, payroll and related HR reports to Accounting Department, administer HR internal control policies and procedures to align with corporate directions.