SaiKris Resources Sdn Bhd

Working Towards Being an Agro Trade Player

Brief Profile

SaiKris Resources ( SKR ) was established as a result of Nash’s involvement in advising clients via SKC. Nash learnt various businesses and made contacts with key people in those industries.

Nash took the opportunity to establish SKR to enter the trading of spices business to supply the biggest spice manufacturer in Malaysia. SKR bought spices from Turkey and India.

The opportunity then arose to trade in Crude Palm Oil and its related products. SKR procured the elusive trading licence from the Malaysian Palm Oil Board. 

SKR then also started trading with BUNGE, one of the world’s biggest agrotrade companies. SKR traded in Soy, Sugar and Crude Palm Oil with Bunge. SKR’s turnover hit a record high of RM90.0m (18m Euro) despite not having any financial assistance from banks. Nash’s shrewd business acumen and excellent relationship with all trading partners ensured SKR’s success.

SKC also was then engaged by Bunge to negotiate CPO contracts with plantations in Malaysia and Indonesia.

SKR then went on further to manage a 1000acre palm oil plantation with its own crude palm oil processing facility. This was a distressed company which SKC was advising BUNGE on which Nash then advised on the eventual takeover. The new owners engaged SKR to continue to manage the plantation and processing mill. The rehabilitation and turnaround of this business took 3 years and Nash eventually sold it in 2016.

Breaking the Glass Ceiling

In 2016, with time in Nash’s hand, he decided to do to a fact-finding study on the Dairy Industry in Malaysia after reading that the self-sufficiency rate (SSF) of fresh milk has been below 5% for the last 60 years in Malaysia. Thailand and Vietnam’s SSF are well above 50%.

After meeting industry experts / Government officials / processors / farmers / manufacturers in Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, Germany, Thailand and Vietnam for 12 months, SKR decided to venture into the dairy industry in Malaysia partnering either GEA of Germany or Lely of Netherlands. Nash also invested in a Pilot Farm in Kedah for SaiKris’ R&D purposes.

SKR has completed the entire planning of the project and have appointed a Principal Advisor and Reporting Auditors, to do a listing on the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange. Further info on this project is available on the SaiKris Dairies page.

SKR, meanwhile, will continue to explore all agri based trade businesses. SaiKris is also looking for more investors to help it succeed in the business of corn plantation, chilli plantation and stevia plantation.

All SKR corporate documents and financial results can be obtained via This is the Malaysian Government Registrar of Companies website.