SaiKris TechDairies Bhd &
Lekker Melk Creamery Sdn Bhd

Working Towards an Automated Dairy Industry for Asia

SaiKris TechDairies Bhd

SaiKris has embarked on this business venture to disrupt the dairy industry in Malaysia and South East Asia. Disrupt in the way and manner the industry has been driven for the past 50 years and to promote the drinking of fresh milk as a daily supplement for the natural health benefit of the young and old.

For far too long Asians have been drummed on the fact that the heat and humidity are factors that cannot be controlled in the dairy farming industry and thus the need to bring in powdered milk from overseas and mix it with water, selling it as Recombined Milk.

Thailand and Vietnam has led the charge to change that perception and has successfully transformed their dairy farming industry. The self-sufficiency of these countries has grown exponentially in last decade while Malaysia has languished at below 5% since the 70s. SaiKris now wants to take it a notch further and break the glass ceiling by introducing the concept of robotics in the industry.

Robotic Milking has been used in Europe for the past 20 years and now has found a following in Canada and the United States of America. SaiKris has done enough research to know that robotics is the way forward in Asia.

Together with GEA, one of the largest Public Listed Company in Germany and Lely, a pioneer in the agriculture robotics industry, SaiKris aims to be the milk brand of choice for Malaysians overtaking the incumbent players in five years.

The issue of milk quality and farming hygiene will be of utmost importance with SaiKris adopting EU standards to ensure Malaysians get the best at local prices.

SaiKris has done presentations to various State Governments on this project and has secured lands on long term lease. After the first farm is in operation, the aim is to replicate it and open two to three farms a year.

SaiKris will be involved in farming, processing, marketing and distribution. The plan is to start with the Ready to Drink market initially before going into the plain fresh milk market.

SaiKris has trademarked its brand ‘Lekker Melk’ and will try to export its product to Singapore and Jakarta.

Breaking the Glass Ceiling

In 2016, with time in Nash’s hand, he decided to do to a fact-finding study on the Dairy Industry in Malaysia after reading that the self-sufficiency rate (SSF) of fresh milk has been below 5% for the last 50 years in Malaysia. Thailand and Vietnam’s SSF were at above 50%.

Nash invested into a fledgling dairy farm in Kedah owned by Dominic Antoni, on condition that SaiKris could learn by visiting and being updated on the development.

After meeting industry experts / Government officials / processors / farmers / manufacturers in Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, Germany, Thailand and Vietnam for 12 months, SKR decided to venture into the dairy industry in Malaysia partnering either GEA of Germany or Lely of Netherlands.

SaiKris has completed the entire planning of the project and is now seeking financial backing to start the project via listing on the stock exchange.

The plan is to have 10, 500 acres self-sufficient farms with Robotic Milking Systems around Malaysia.

The project is at Planning Permission stage with the Local Council.

SaiKris has prepared an Info Memo to give potential Corporate Investors/Venture Capital Firms, the in depth plan with the financial projections. 

SaiKris will also look at the option of getting a group of individual investors together in view of doing an IPO on a suitable Stock Exchange. The Principal Advisors for the IPO Exercise is Thinkat Advisory. While BakerTilly have been appointed as the Reporting Auditors.

The Board of Directors for the IPO have been identified and their appointment is subject to the successful fund raising.

SaiKris hopes the project can move to the construction stage on the last quarter of 2019.


Lekker Melk Creamery Sdn Bhd - Processing Plant

Lekker Melk Creamery Sdn Bhd (LMC) will be the processing and marketing arm of SaiKris. Initially, SaiKris is in discussions for a deal with IDS Manufacturing Sdn Bhd (IDSM) to process and bottle its raw milk.

SaiKris intends to set up three processing plants in Gua Tempurung for the Northern region farms and corresponding market there; Lanchang for the Central region farms and the Klang Valley market and in Iskandar Development Corridor for the Southern region and Singapore market. However, these plants will only be set up once all 5 farms are up and running in their respective regions. Raw milk will be transported automatically via the robotic milking systems through a series of milk pipelines directly into milk cooling tanks, maintained at 4°C. It will then be connected to load the trucks to be delivered to the IDSM plant in Shah Alam. IDSM will process the raw milk in pasteurised form with a variety of flavours to meet SaiKris’s target market.

Lekker Melk Creamery will operate the processing plants and will market the finished products under the brand “Lekker Melk”.